Theory of Daily Fantasy Sports by Jordan Cooper & James McCool

Theory of Daily Fantasy Sports

According to a McKinsey report, a whopping 91% of all profit in DFS is earned by just 1.3% of the users. What are these top 1% of players doing? How are they approaching the game that allows them to take the bulk of the winnings over others? Over you!

In this 15-hour audio masterclass, you will learn all the fundamental concepts of expert-level DFS game play that will completely revolutionize your process and put yourself on the same footing as the pros!

Daily Fantasy Game Theory That Applies To Any Sport!

This 15-hour masterclass will give you a comprehensive education in the logic, math, economics & psychology of daily fantasy sports whether you play NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, MMA, Nascar, Soccer, or even eSports.

Designed for the "average" DFS player, an understanding of advanced math is not needed to fully digest this course as our teaching approach focuses on explaining concepts in simpler terms rather than on complicated formulas and exact calculations.

What Separates Expert DFS Players From Average Ones?

❌ Average DFS players focus on the results of a single outcome of a single slate.
✅ Expert DFS players focus on making profitable decisions that will reflect in their results long-term.

❌ Average DFS players find patterns in statistics that don't exist and overweight them.
✅ Expert DFS players embrace the volatility of a single game and ignore irrelevant data.

❌ Average DFS players focus on selecting the "best" individual plays to build a lineup.
✅ Expert DFS players select plays based on the context of a full lineup and the contest it's entered in.

❌ Average DFS players build lineups with little regard to what their opponents are likely to do.
✅ Expert DFS players always account for their opponent's decisions when building lineups.

❌ Average DFS players overestimate their ability & don't objectively judge if their results are due to skill or luck.
✅ Expert DFS players are constantly assessing their true edge in contests and improving their game play.

Theory of Daily Fantasy Sports - Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction
(1h 51m 09s)
Chapter 2 - Game Objectives
(1h 31m 30s)
Chapter 3 - Player Selection
(2h 34m 20s)
Chapter 4 - Expected Value
52 mins
Chapter 5 - Leverage
(1h 09m 41s)
Chapter 6 - Correlation
41 mins
Chapter 7 - Construction
52 mins
Chapter 8 - Risk Management
(1h 54m 00s)
Chapter 9 - Exploits
54 mins
Chapter 10 - Psychology
47 mins
Chapter 11 - Miscellaneous
(1h 50m 20s)
Visual Reference Guide
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"For years I've been playing something I enjoyed in just complete ignorance. This masterclass should be a prerequisite for anyone getting into it. I've dramatically changed my approach and the biggest difference is that my decisions are made now through a much more educated process.”
Charlie Wilson
“The Theory of Daily Fantasy Sports has been without a doubt my best DFS-related purchase to date. The chapters about constructing lineups and creating leverage against the field are some of the most important in daily fantasy sports and they cover those concepts exceptionally well.”
Ben Cameron
“If you’re a DFS regular that isn’t getting the results you want, I’d highly recommend this course. The information is very thoughtfully explained and easy to understand. It really improved my understanding of the probabilities to consider when constructing lineups. It literally paid for itself in two weeks!”
Frank Saraf
"As a math teacher and football coach, the chapters on player selection and expected value are concepts that I can not only use for daily fantasy sports but also teach in an everyday statistics class. You’re not a fish if you take this audio masterclass, but you may be a fish if you don’t."
Nate Thacker
"This audio masterclass what you need to take your DFS knowledge to the next level. It goes into vivid detail regarding every facet of the game and really got me thinking like a DFS player, not just a sports fan. I can't recommend this program enough as within a week I doubled my investment!
Jim Steele
"This masterclass gives you everything you need to become more profitable at DFS. The explanation of concepts in an easily understandable manner is what makes it so valuable. Whether you are trying to win a million bucks or just have some extra spending cash, this is the course you need."
Kevin McBride
"As opposed to telling you how to play, the concepts in this course lead you to start thinking about the right way to play slates. By teaching how to catch the proverbial DFS fish, it provides a solid foundation to plug leaks, win consistently, and keep improving as the game evolves."
Derek Kahle
"This masterclass bridges the gap of personal sports knowledge, lineup construction, and game theory. It also clearly explains what it really takes to succeed at DFS from someone who’s been there and done it. I highly recommend taking this course for the sake of your bank balance."
Stephen O’Brien
"One very important insight I have taken from this masterclass is to think of lineups more holistically. This course has helped me immensely to develop a repeatable process for lineup construction, and how to improve upon it through a variety of techniques."
Greg Downey

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this course give advice for a specific sport or a specific site?

The game theory of daily fantasy applies to any sport or any site so this course should greatly help you regardless of the sports or sites you play. However, there will be numerous examples in lessons to show you how certain concepts can be applied to a given sport or site.

I just play daily fantasy sports casually as a hobby. Is this course for me?

Whether you play every day or just once per week, this course is designed for those looking to step up their game, become a profitable player, or just have a better shot at taking down first place in a GPP. However, it is not for complete beginners and requires familiarity with the bare basics of building lineups and entering contests on sites such as DraftKings or FanDuel.

Aren't you giving away your own edge by teaching this course to others?

We believe only minimally, if so. While we are holding nothing back in our teaching of expert daily fantasy sports play, there can be a big difference in fully understanding concepts and actually implementing them properly yourself in real-time on any given day. The more experience you have, the quicker you can process information and devise profitable strategies while making less mistakes. We believe this experience is still our edge, and enough so that this course should not diminish that.

About The Instructors

Jordan Cooper is a former professional poker player who has played DFS full-time since 2015 with numerous 5-6 figure GPP first-place finishes in NFL, NBA, MLB, and SOC on DraftKings.

A content contributor on RotoGrinders & RotoWire, he is known for a conservative bankroll management approach and often considered as one of the most profitable “nits” in the industry.

James McCool has received many awards for his writing and content across multiple sites and is one of the best in the DFS industry in understanding the essentials of developing projections. 

Deeply invested in game theory, he often provides a contrarian look at the way players find success, and much of his research is in determining how to leverage the field based on biases and assumptions.